About me


My name is Anders Larm, 28 years old, currently living in Malmö, Sweden.

As a recently graduated interaction designer, my main interests and competencies lie within the field of user testing and concept development, as well as interface design. I am especially excited when working on mobile platforms, and have been a tutor for two courses in Android development at Malmö University.

Below you can find some of my selected work. Most of the projects below were made as a part of my education in Interaction Design at Malmö University. I'll also keep adding my pet projects as they develop.

NES Title Generator

NES Title Generator

Done in a few hours using AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap, this project was spawned by a comment on a gaming podcast I regularly listen to. The idea is to take the first half of a NES title and pair it with the second half of another NES title.

Check out the results here.

Guide to Italian Coffee

Coffee Guide Photo

The latest of my pet projects, created together with Filip Ivansson. I wanted to do something with my interest and passion for Italian coffee, and a guide seemed to be a first good step. I documented the development process on my blog, so please check that out if you're curious.

The application is up on the Google Play store here.

Ball Game

Ball Game - Level Design Sketching

Currently in development, the game codenamed Ball Game (or GLOB) is playable, in a very rough prototype state, here.

The idea was for me and Thomas Rogowiec to keep working on designing and coding, whilst in the meantime looking for other external projects as well.

Where's Malibu

Available for free on Google Play, Where's Malibu? was made from a concept devised by a friend during a vacation in California. The arrow on the screen will always point you to the capital of sun and surf - Malibu! The project was a co-operation by me, Petter Lundahl and Filip Ivansson.

Digital Cheat Sheet- Thesis project

Together with my classmate Thomas Rogowiec, and in collaboration with the Police force in Malmö, I developed a prototype for moving cheat sheets from analog form into a mobile application format.

This project was graded with the highest available grade, Väl Godkänd. The thesis can be downloaded and read via Malmö University's platform for digital publishing, MUEP. Please click here!

Super Meteo

During the course Experimental Game Interaction at Malmö University, this was my 120-second pitch made into a prototype.

My main contributions to the project were within playtesting and coding. I also created all the music for the game.


TBL §7 is a prototype developed for the Swedish Police force in Malmö, which originated after interviews with patrolling officers. The idea behind the app is that the officers will be able to take care of, and close, simpler cases while out on the field.

Read more at Malmö University's website (press release), and check out our short interview for Swedish radio (Sveriges Radio P4).

Together with a fellow student I performed most of the programming for the prototype, but had a hand in most aspects of the project in my role as SCRUM master.


Mitos is a digital game that is played solely through breathing. It was made as a part of the Game Design course in the 2nd year of the Bachelor's programme for Interaction Design at Malmö University. My contributions were mainly within the realm of coding and playtesting.


FreeNet is a concept created to assist social change in times of civil unrest. It was prompted by the events during the Arabic Spring where governments in Northern Africa closed down the access to the internet for their citizens, effectively cutting off their most effective means of communication and organization.

Based on Arduino boards with ZigBee radios, FreeNet would effectively function as "internet without the internet", allowing people to chat with each other as long as their units were no longer than about a kilometer from each other.


As most of the projects I've been involved with, GeoExplorer was developed by a small team of students as a part of a Malmö University course. The ambition with GeoExplorer was to design a digital environment that took real advantage of the strength of the internet, which is to (within milliseconds) connect people from across the globe.

My contributions were mainly within concept development and prototype coding, using Processing and the Twitter4j Java library, connected to Unity 3d.

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